Volvo Swap Body Truck

After some time again a MOC in collaboration with Holgi.
This time a Volvo from the F-series served as a template.
From almost 3400 parts has again created a model that is very detailed and true to the original.

Technical data:
Length: 59,8 cm (76 Studs)
Width: 17 cm (21 Studs)
Width over all:: 21 cm (27 Studs)
Height: 24,1 cm (31 Studs)

Functions of the model:
* the doors can be opened
* HOG steering with rotating steering wheel
* suspension seats
* the cabin tilts to reveal the 6 cylinder fake engine
* The front and rear axles can be raised and lowered separately,
thus, as with the original, the swap body can be driven under and lifted.
* In addition, the trailing axle can also be raised and lowered separately.
* The radiator grille can be opened to clean the radiator and to get access to the indicated oil dipstick.
* Width-adjustable guide rollers to accommodate swap bodies of different widths
Other visual/functional details:
* Dashboard
* Folding sunroof
* openable glove box
* indicated interior lighting/reading lights
* folding sun visors
* compartments in the doors
* gear knob
* trailer hitch

More real time pictures
Volvo1 or Volvo2 at

- Build this model is hard, if you have never built a Lego Technic set, I recommend you to do it first. Doing that is not necessary but it will help you later when you have to built this model
- The instructions has been tested by Lego Technic expert builders, if you can't built it and you think the instructions are wrong, please check your built twice before ask me.


Partlist and instructions at

Trailer with struts

The next milestone in collaboration with Holgi.

This trailer with bow is a further extension for the DAF XF 460.

After the overseas container trailer, there is now another variant to fully embark on long-distance transport.

A trailer that is in no way inferior to an original trailer is created here from a good 4000 parts.

The side panels can be folded down and, after removing the plug-in boards, the bows can be loosened and moved to facilitate loading from the side.

If there is no forklift available, the trailer is equipped with a fully functional tail lift. These can be folded and lowered separately from each other.

In addition, the front axle was made liftable. This saves tires and fuel when you run empty.

Another highlight is the mechanical parking brake.

Two wedges are pulled into the center of the axle by means of a cable, which then actuate a mechanism that presses the rubber connectors on the brake discs and thus ensures that the trailer can be parked safely.

In order to enable a possible attachment of a tarpaulin, eyelets are provided in the front wall as well as on the side walls and on the rear frame to enable such a tarpaulin to be hung.

In order to achieve a characteristic driving behavior, an expansion section was built into the upper longitudinal strut on the roof so that the trailer can bend slightly after being coupled to the towing vehicle. This ensures that the structure of the trailer can move and twist when driving over obstacles or the like.

Of course, a lot of love was again put into details, including the following points:


Indication of the compressed air and electrical connections on the front wall

detachable ladder

Spare wheel holder on the underside

Control elements for the tail lift, both outside and on the tailgate itself

Marker lights on the roof and on the side


All of the above functions can be operated mechanically and do not require any motors or the like. The controls are very easy to reach after folding up the right underrun protection.


Dimensions L x W x H



118 x 21 (23 with eyelets) x 33 studs

944 x 168 (184 with eyelets) x 265 mm

Number of parts: 4018


Total with tractor:

138 x 21 (26 over all) x 33 studs

1110 x 168 (208 over all) x 265 mm

Number of parts: 6898


Partlist and instructions at

JAY's Shintaro Dragon

The first model in collaboration with my son.
A picture of the 70602 set served more or less as a template.
Although he is only 8 years old, one can clearly see an excellent construction technique and a pronounced 3-dimensional thinking.
I have only changed the color of a few parts in the instructions, as we did not have all parts in the correct colors for the original model.
Otherwise, the model has remained exactly as it was designed by Markus.
The name of the model also comes from him.

I dare to say it is an excellent achievement for his age.


43 x 12 x 49 Studs (345 x 115 x 395mm)

295 parts


Partlist and instructions at

Snow groomer (Pistenbully)

The next brilliant MOC in collaboration with Johann Steindl [Schwaiwal].

Like the original, the model has all the functions:
The front dozer blade can be folded, tilted horizontally and vertically and of course raised and lowered.
4 motors alone are responsible for this.
Another motor is used to raise / lower the rear snow blower constantly.
Two XL motors provide the necessary propulsion.
Since there were still enough leftover parts, a realistic-looking snow cannon could also be added.
This can also be rotated and its inclination adjusted.

The chains are a small downer.
Since it is a pure B-model without the use of additional parts, they are a bit “colorful”.
If you want them to be more faithful to the original and less colorful, you need 83 pieces of Technic Beam 13 in dark bluish gray to make all segments the same.
A instruction for this alternative model will be available here. In principle it is exactly the same model only that the parts list and instructions have been adapted.

Technical data:
Number of parts: 3279 (80% of the orignal set 42100)
Snow Groomer
Length: 73,1cm (93 Studs)
Widht: 43,9cm (56 Studs)
Hight: 28,2cm (36 Studs)
Snow cannon:
Length: 23,6cm (30 Studs)
Widht: 12,7cm (16 Studs)
Hight: 16,9cm (22 Studs)
Number of built-in motors: 7 pieces (3x XL, 4x L - all Powered Up)
Energy supply: 2x Powered Up 4-Hub (Technic Control+)

- Build this model is hard, if you have never built a Lego Technic set, I recommend you to do it first. Doing that is not necessary but it will help you later when you have to built this model
- If you buy it, you can't resale it or share with anybody.
- The instructions has been tested by Lego Technic expert builders, if you can't built it and you think the instructions are wrong, please check your built twice before ask me.


get instructions here

Partlist on

Wheel Loader Liebherr L586

In collaboration with Schwaiwal (Johann Steindl) the largest model I have drawn so far was born here.
A gigantic wheel loader with approx. 12,130 parts, which was modeled on the Liebherr L586.
In order to be able to use the necessary force to move the model weighing around 10 kilograms, each wheel is driven by 2 XL-motors.
For this purpose, each motor is connected to a separate output of a Buwizz.
Further highlights:
Compressorunit with two pneumatic pumps operated by 2 buggy motors,
Remote controlled pneumatic valves via servomotors,
6-cylinder in-line (fake) engine with a 120 ° offset crankshaft, valve tappets and rocker arms, (Free instruction here)
micromotor that generates a realistic turning movement of the steering wheel during the steering movement,
swing axle at the rear, pneumatically sprung driver's seat
3 reserve Buwizz connections so that nothing stands in the way of future lighting installation.
Sticker as .pdf file included
Furthermore, a second assembly instruction is included, which enables the construction of the model as a pure showcase model (without functions).
Technical specifications:
Number of parts: 12135 pieces including 2332 rubber connectors (45590)
Length: 103 cm (131 Studs)
Widht: 32 cm (40 Studs)
Hight: 40,5 cm (51 Studs)
Number of built-in motors: 16 pieces (8x XL, 2x L, 2x Buggy, 2x Servo, 1x M, 1x Micro)
Energy supply: 4x Buwizz
Total length of pneumatic tubes: 5.8m
Highest point when the shovel is raised: 64cm
Weight: approx. 10kg
Many thanks to:
- Johann Steindl for the great collaboration
- Robert & Peter for testing
- Holger, Stefan & Bernd for technical detail solution
- Timo for the high resolution renders
- Hans Jürgen for the stickers
- The LDraw Community without which it would not be possible to create such projects


get instructions here

Partlist on

Trailer for Overseacontainer

As already promised with the DAF XF 460 here is the compatible trailer for overseas container (2x20 feet or 1x 40 feet).
At first glance, the trailer "only" looks like a standard model.
But what distinguishes it are the inner values:
The first axle can be raised, and thus when empty, as with the original, there are only 2 axles on the floor.
The Trailer also has a manual parking brake so that the trailer can be parked safely.
Of course, the supports are height adjustable to allow easy coupling and uncoupling.
Other details, such as wheel chocks, hinged underride protection and a holder for a spare tire, have not been forgotten.

All in all a fantastic MOC that was created here in cooperation with Holgi.


Dimensions: 102 x 21 x 12 Studs or 80,5 x 16,7 x 9,3 cm

Numbers of parts: 1641


Partlist and instrution are free avilable on

DAF XF 460

The next brilliant MOC in cooperation with Holgi.
The MOC was built in memory of Ingmar Spijkhoven, who unfortunately passed 2019.
This is represented by the Dutch flag in the driver's cabin.
A very detailed and functional MOC is created from almost 3000 parts.
The truck is fully remote controlled with a Buwizz and has the following (remote)functions:
Drive, steer, tilt the cab and lower or raise the rear axle like an original tractor unit.
The attention to detail was very important, and so many other accessories were installed to the detailed appearance.
Among other things, the radiator grille can be opened as a maintenance flap to reach the indicated oil dipstick.
Both doors can also be opened. Furthermore, the typical compartments are installed on the side of the cabin, which are used to hold tools and other accessories.
In addition to a sofa bed for the passenger, both seats are of course sprung.
The tiny detail that turns the steering wheel during the steering movement has not been forgotten either. It should also be mentioned that the fifth wheel coupling is fully functional and a compatible trailer will soon appear for the transport of one 40ft or two 20ft containers.
Instruction for a 40ft container is provided by legolaus (40ft Container Holgi Edition).
With this instruction, you can easily build a compatible 20ft container.
Overall, it comes very close to the original.


L x W x H: 47 x 21 x 30 Studs or 37,6 x 20,8 x 24,1 cm
Number of parts: 2880
The following parts are not included in the parts list:

1x Buwizz


Buy Instruction here and partlist at

Liquid manure spreader

Liquid manure spreader compatible with the Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC
The next MOC in collaboration with Holgi.
Out of more than 2000 individual parts, a liquid manure spreader is created that comes very close to the original. Thus, both the towing hoses and the jockey wheel can be brought into the working position as well as into the transport position with the aid of the built-in gearbox. From the size, the model is perfectly designed for the Claas Xerion. Since the barrel has its own electrical supply, the towing vehicle does not need to be adapted. Even the required hitch is already present in the construction manual.
Transport position: 53 x 20 x 25 cm
Working position: 53 x 72 x 25 cm
Number of parts: 2094 (pneumatic hoses included)
The following parts are not included in the parts list:
Pneumatic Hoses:
Lightgray: 20x 52mm, 6x 44mm, 2x 36mm, 2x 28mm


Download Instruction and partlist at

Two-way Tipper

Another excellent Holger model for the agricultural vehicle fleet
Fully functional two-way tipper compatible with the Claas Xerion 5000 Trac VC
From about 900 parts creates a very realistic model with many details and fun.
Selection of the tilt direction by means of sliding lock
Tilting function by means of pneumatics
Additional pneumatic connection at the rear for another tipper
Both axles are sprung
Underlay wedge
Hitch for Claas Xerion already included in the manual
For the required compressed air the front weight with integral compressor is recommended


902 parts
lowered: 16.7 x 39.5 x 19.9 cm
tilted: 22.2 x 39.5 x 26.4 cm

Download Instruction

Partlist at

Cambridge Roller compatible to Claas Xerion

Fully functional Cambridge roller for attachment to the Claas Xerion.
All functions are pneumatic

Fold or unfold, move to working position and lift again into transport position.

To provide the required compressed air, there is an optional front-mounted compressor (MOC-17427 on

The parts for the compressor are already mentioned on the last page in this manual.

Highlights: All function via pneumatic,  Jockey wheel for parking

360 parts


Transport position - 310 x 190 x 90mm
Work position -
330 x 490 x 65mm

Download Instruction

Video here

Part List at or

Double Compressor for Claas Xerion

To supply additional equipment with sufficient compressed air, I built this compressor for the Claas Xerion.

The compressor can be optionally equipped with one or two pneumatic pumps.

Depending on how high the air consumption of the attachment is.

The attachment is modeled on the B model, so it can be mounted both front and rear.

The instructions also include the parts to lay the pneumatic line through the tractor.

Highlights: Option for one or two pumps

153 parts

Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 71mm

Download Instruction

 Part list at

Trabant 601 universal

This MOC was created in cooperation with Holgi. He designed the model, my job was the instruction.
The Trabant 601 universal is a nice replica of the original. From over 3000 individual parts here the famous Trabbi is recreated.
In the foreground was the most detailed appearance, which was implemented here to 100 percent.
The battery box is very cleverly housed in the boot, so that a battery replacement is no problem.

Highlights: Complete remote controlled by PF.

3061 parts

Dimensions: 45,7 x 21,4 x 19,6 cm

Instructions download at

20 feet Container for Linde Reach Stacker V1.0


364 parts

Dimensions:  24,6 x 9,5 x 11,2 cm

Instructions download at

Linde Reach Stacker

In cooperation with Holgi, a wonderful, natural-looking model has been created here. The Container Reach Stacker is a very nice replica of the original from the manufacturer Linde. From almost 1800 individual parts, a model with a length of over 40 cm is built, which is completely remote controlled. The remarkable thing about this model is that many "normal" stones are also built in this model. This results in a very high similarity to the original. The instructions for the container is also available.

Highlights: Complete remote controlled by PF.

1775 parts

Dimensions: 46,6 x 16,1 x 20,4 cm

Instructions download at

Hardtop for Sheepo´s Landrover Defender 110

A small but excellent extension for Sheepo's Land Rover Defender 110, designed by turocha.

Highlights: The rear door can be opened and closed. The porter can be removed with little effort, this creates a normal roof.

341 parts

Dimensions: 18,3 x 38 x 15,4 cm

Instructions download at

Classic car by metulskie8

Magnificent MOC of metulskie8

Highlights: PF remote controlled, in the model is a manual 3-speed gearbox fitted, the engine cover and the driver's door can be opened, the 16V motor is driven while driving.

Dimensions: ca. 40,5 x 19,5 x 12 cm

1289 parts

Download Instruction + Partlist

Various accesories for Unimog 8110

Various accessories for mounting on the Unimog 8110.

Download instructions

More accesories on

Lamborghini Gallardo

A reconstruction of the original from Boratko / Crowkillers to FullRC by metulskie8.

Dimensions: ca. 21,3 x 44,8 x 12,2 cm

The model consists of 1788 parts. The parts list is here free available.

There are 3 color shemes available.

Features: all-wheel drive, forward and reverse, left and right on PF remote control, the doors, the engine cover behind the engine hood opens, the piston in the engine move the drive itself.
The instruction is available here for 10 euros.

Specify the desired color during the checkout process, otherwise the standard instructions in red will be shipped.

More information on under MOCS.